New Members to be inducted

The following applicants have submitted applications for membership and will be inducted at our January 18th meeting.

Honorary Membership                           

Ms. Anna  McGillicuddy                           
Sponsors: Joseph P Heenan & Russell Wylie

Regular Membership                    Sponsors                     

Mr. Edward F. Beitz, Esq.                 Kevin and Michael Maloney
Ms. Kathleen Coleman                    Joseph Coleman and William Watson
Mr. Michael T. Bates                        Joseph Coleman and William Watson
Mr. Zachary Gorman                        Kevin and Michael Maloney
Mr. Kieran T. Mahan, DPMK             Dr. Brian O'Murchu & Joseph P Heenan
Mr. Joseph McCormick                    Kevin Dolan & Joseph P Heenan
Ms. Erin McLaughlin                         Brian C. Eury & David M. Stewart
Mr. Anthony P. Valach Jr.                  David M. Stewart & David Metzler
Mr. William Badzmierowski              Frank Watson & Membership Committee
Mr. Kevin Kent                                  Russell Wylie & Joseph P Heenan
Mr. Edward R. Moore                      Joseph Coleman & Membership Committee
Mr. Timothy F. Hennessey              Timothy B. Hennessey & Jeffrey R. Smith
Mary Theresa Metzler                     David Metzler and David M. Stewart
Matthew S. Whisman                       Frank Watson & Membership Committee