Members Eligible for Election 2014-2016

The following is an alphabetical list of members who are eligible for election to office for the 2014-2016 term. Each member has attended at least four out of the last eight regular meetings. 

Cormac J. Brady

Rev. Edward E. Brady

Bernard J. Buckley Jr. 

Thomas F. Burke

Thomas R. Byrnes

Michael A. Coyne

David W. Currie

Thomas E. Darcy

Joseph K. Frye

Charles J. Gallagher

Michael T. Gallagher

John J. Gallagher

Corey R. Heenan

Joseph P. Heenan

John C. Heenan

Michael P. Heenan

Vincent Heenan

Stephen M. Hladik

Terrence Hogan

Thomas V. Hunt


Bernard J. Keuney

Edward P. Last

Charles W. Lentz

Thomas J. Lyons

Kevin J. Maginnis

John J. Martin Jr. 

Edward J. McBride

Daniel J. McCormick

Francis J. Moran

Daniel I. Murphy

Paul Murtagh

John J. O'Malley

Martin J. O'Malley

Thomas P. O'Malley

J. Thomas Showler

Richard I. Thorpey

Ken Walsh

Edward J. Wilbraham

Russell W. Wylie

Michael J. Yuengling


If your name is not listed and you believe you are eligible, please call the Friendly Sons' office on 215-249-9337 immediately. James J. Coyne Jr. and John F. Donovan are Director Emeriti and will not stand for election.