Elections at the Quarterly Meeting - January 2014

 The slate of candidates for election at the January 2014 meeting is below. There are several contested positions, including the offices of Vice President and Secretary. We also have 12 candidates running for seven positions on the Board of Directors.


Bernard J. Buckley Jr.


Vice President

John P. Martin Jr.

Charles J. Gallagher



Kevin J. Maginnis, Esq.

John J. O'Malley, Esq.



John C. Heenan



In compliance with the bylaws, the order of listing here was determined by lottery held immediately following the nominations at the meeting of September 17, 2013. Also, according to the bylaws, Article II, Section 2: "No person shall vote for more than four candidates, and the seven highest shall be declared elected."

  1. Thomas V. Hunt, Esq
  2. Thomas J. Lyons
  3. Edward J. Wilbraham, Esq.
  4. Joseph P. Heenan
  5. Bernard E. Kueny III
  6. David W. Currie
  7. Stephen M. Hladik, Esq.
  8. Michael A. Coyne
  9. Vincent Heenan
  10. Joseph K. Frye
  11. Thomas R. Byrnes
  12. Michael J. Yuengling

Thomas V. Hunt, Esq., has withdrawn his name from the nominations.

Joseph P. Heenan has withdrawn his name from the nominations.