Welcome to new members, to be inducted on January 19, 2016

First Listing:

  • Daniel W. Harrell (sponsors: J. Matthew Wolfe and P. Clarke Glennon)

  • Ryan J. Sweeney (sponsors: Frank Watson and Bill Watson)

  • James Francis Hall (sponsors: Tom Showler and Frank Watson)

  • Paul Mitchell (sponsors: Joseph Heenan and Frank Watson)

  • Heath Wawrzynek (sponsors: John O'Toole and Joseph Heenan)

  • Larry Fiorini (sponsors: John O'Toole and Joseph Heenan)

  • Francis A. O'Donnell (sponsors: Tom Showler and Frank Watson)

Second Listing:

  • Charles Palmer Sturm (sponsors: Michael P. Heenan and Joseph P. Heenan)

  • Jason Skinner (sponsors: Michael Cino and Frank Watson)

Fourth Listing:

  • Daniel Glennon (sponsors: Frank Watson and Liam Hegarty) (Daniel is unable to attend our January meeting but plans on attending the annual meeting/dinner in March)

  • Rev. William Hearter, MD (sponsors: Charles Gallagher and Frank Watson)