Report on 2016 Grants Awarded to date by your Society

Your support makes possible the following grants and scholarships awarded.

Villanova University Scholarship Program - $100,000 Awarded

St. Joseph’s University Scholarship Program - $25,000 Awarded

Irish Immigration Center ($2,500 plus member match) - $5,000 Awarded

Little Sisters of the Poor ($1,000 plus member match) - $2,000 Awarded

174 Trust - $1,000 Awarded

St. Patrick Parade* (classified to public relations) - $1,000 Awarded

The Ivins Outreach Center - $500 Awarded

Travel assistance for Will Unsprung - $500 Awarded
a blind artist, who is a long time member of the Philadelphia Ceili Group. He has won a scholarship to the Burren College of Arts

Saint John’s Hospice and the Good Shepherd Program - $200 Awarded

2016 Totals to Date:  $135,200 Awarded

** Click HERE to see list of 2015 Grants Awarded.