Quarterly Meeting - September 2011

Dear Fellow Friendly Sons,

The September Quarterly Meeting is rapidly approaching and it is a very important meeting; we will be nominating candidates to serve on our Board of Management for the  2012-2014 term, as well as voting on the proposed bylaw change presented to the membership at the June 6, 2011 general meeting.

The proposed change for consideration is: Article XV, Section 1 of the bylaws be changed as follows: "Bylaws may be adopted, amended, or repealed by the vote of members of the Board of Management at any regular or special meeting duly convened for that purpose."

 A list of eligible candidates for election to the Board of Management is listed below in alphabetical order. These members have attended at least 4 out of the last 8 regular meetings and as such, are eligible for election to office for the term commencing March 17, 2012 through March 17, 2014.

Gerald Boggs

Rev. Edward E. Brady

Bernard J. Buckley, Jr.

Adelbert W. Campbell

Michael A. Coyne

Thomas Darcy

Charles J. Gallagher

John J. Gallagher

Robert Gallagher

David Godlewski

Corey Heenan

John Heenan

Joseph Heenan

Vincent Heenan

Stephen M. Hladik, Esq.

Terry Hogan

Thomas V Hunt, Esq.

William J. Kane

Edward P. Last

Michael MacNeal

John P. Martin, Jr.

Edward McBride

Daniel McCormick

Drew J. Monaghan

Francis J. Moran, Esq.

John O'Malley, Esq.

Martin J. 0 'Malley

Todd R. Peterman

J. Thomas Showler

David W. Sullivan, Ph.D.

William J. Timmins III

Richard I. Torpey, Esq.

Kenneth Walsh

Edward Wilbraham, Esq

Russell W. Wylie

Michael J. Yuengling

NB:  If your name is not listed and you believe you are eligible to be nominated for office, please contact Secretary Bern Buckley at (610) 809-9295.

Please come out, reconnect with your fellow Friendly Sons and take an active role in the future of the Society. 

Details of the Event are as follows:


PLACE: Tir naNog 1600 Arch Street Philadelphia, PA 19103

TIME: 5:30 pm Cocktails (cash bar) 6:00 pm Business Meeting 6:45 pm Buffet Dinner

COST: $30.00 per person / cash bar

Advanced reservations are preferred, but tickets will be available at the door.